Friday, February 3, 2017

One Year Mighty Games Anniversary Super Listen Mode Comic, Melbourne Global Game Jam 2017 Super Reflection, Chinese New Year Shooty Skies, Mulan Studies & Vulnerability/Empathy/Shame/"Not Feeling Good Enough" [JAN2017]

Leonie's small blog island says hullo! (:

Another SUPER long post!

You're used to this by now, right? ;D
Otherwise, you don't need to be here haha
Just...shoo! I'm not forcing you to read ;)

It's been a mixture of feelings but it's been going alright (: 
And that's to be expected; who is "happy" all the time ;D

    Let's go Journal Time!

    SuperListenMode Special: 1 year Mighty Anniversary
    I have no idea what Baby Chicken said but the sentiment is there ;D

    I don't think it even knows the answer to my question! I do want a Chirpy Baby Crossy Chicken though ;D
    But yeah this is not official Crossy Road or Shooty Skies art in the slightest. Hey, official art does not look like this at all if you know anything about the games haha
    It's my personal SuperListenMode Special ;)

    Feb 3rd - my little anniversary that only I probably care about! :D I'm not going to reflect on things since I did that in the last blog post. Here features just a mix of Crossy Road, Shooty Skies stuff I helped with in the past year (except Disney Crossy things I did since I didn't want Disney Intellectual Property take over the Mighty Games focus). I helped create Baby Chicken, Shooty comics and a few other characters ^o^ haha

    I don't know what's next for me 100% but at the moment I'm pretty much helping out with Disney Crossy and sometimes Shooty Skies and Crossy Road and striving to learn about vector arting. To clear things up, I haven't been involved with Charming Keep thus far (well if I was it didn't end up being in game) or any other project beyond that so I direct you to the incredible & stylish art of Scott/cronobreak :0! Hey it's been out a few days ago too! It's been a long time in the making; a lot of people worked hard on it so do check the game out! (:

    If fantasy charming cute idle clickers is your sort of thing, do try it!
    Make money, to build your towers...to save the Prince Charmings :0
    I think that's how it goes! ;D I'm playing it at the moment...and I'm just tapping on stuff haha

    Reminder I did a comic when I first started at Mighty:
    http://tumblr.leonieyue.com/post/138555763510/todays-my-1st-day-as-a-junior-artist-at-mighty Gosh those were the days when I was not confident *at all* how I would fit in or help out or know what I can do. Now it's slightly better while I'm still working on everything in general :') I still don't know what I'm doing; so many things I don't know how to do.

    All the same, terribly grateful I'm at Mighty and I'll just keep doing my best!
    And maybe I'll keep doing these comics on a yearly basis haha

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    Special Thanks for the month
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