Friday, November 20, 2015

HermitBurpcast #11 Networking; Embracing Alone as the Default (Introvert Burp Edition)

Welcome! I am Leonie Yue and this is the monthly HermitBurpcast.

Triforce Heroes is so fun!! I keep getting disconnected at times though :0
I accidentally said episode 1 instead of 11 in the podcast. Whoops.

I expected this episode to happen after doing a series of social things last month so here I am! I shall talk how terrible I am at "hustling"! :D

Do not take this episode as advice, as I'm just exploring my struggle with social things whether it be friends or industry connections. Indeed, genuinely and deeply connecting with one person is amazing already!! (and what I'm looking for!)

Here I am figuring out my own way that still stays true to me. Always learning.

Lastly I am putting this out there for anyone who feels introverted and alone too.

It's okay. You are not alone. (:

Friday, November 6, 2015

2015#14 Inktober BurpDoodles & UniteMelb2015 & GCAP15 & PAXAus & GamesWeekMelbs Mega Post

Leonie's small blog island says hullo! (:

It's been an overwhelming time! 

The title has too many tags and titles but I don't know how else to succinctly point out what's going on here!

I actually used twitter so much in terms of pumping out my Burpdoodles but as usual, not so much at my Facebook as I'd rather not frequently post everywhere. There is this monthly compilation blog post with additional thoughts after all!

If you came here through places other than twitter, you have a lot more to go through! :0

Enough talk, let's get deep into it! 

Storytime mode! Buckle up!

Lot's of things and people to talk about!

    Let's go crazy! Journal Time.

    My Inktober take on Rapunzel from Tangled
    I relate to her so much on many levels as a Hermit gosh! MIGW was one of times when I get out of the tower, metaphorically speaking (just like last month's Adelaide post!)
    I'm not a pretty girl & princess with magical great hair though haha