Friday, April 24, 2015

HermitBurpcast #04 - "Sink or Swim: Teaching at the Front Lines" (When Art was a Hobby & Teaching was a Career Storytime Series) Part2of4

Welcome! I am Leonie Yue and this is the monthly HermitBurpcast

I folded cranes and decorated with them where I work; I enjoy the folding process more than anything else. (:

(1 hour and 20 minutes)

Show notes for the Hermit Burpcast #4: 

Blog Post for shownotes, hyperlinks and comments: (http://blog.leonieyue.com/2015/04/hermitburpcast004.html)
  • Q&A from:
  • Questions for the Month
    • Question 1: Any Virtual Reality experiences of your own? 
      • How was it? What potential do you see in it? 
    • Keep sending in thoughts, suggestions, questions related to this Storytime for June's episode!
    • You're Welcome for the Xenoblade Chronicles playlist above!
    • Thoughts on the Games I talked about?
    • Who are you voting for to be in Smash Bros 4?
    • Question 2: How accurate was the Myer-Briggs Test for you? 
      • Thoughts on the Introversion/Extroversion topic I talked about?
    • Question 3: Sleeping Pattern experiences? 
      • What are your thoughts on Early Birds vs Night Owls? 
    • Question 4: How are you managing healthy habits at the computer? 
      • Suggestions for sore shoulders & back appreciated!
    • Questions/suggestions for future big topics for the Burpcast welcome! And constructive feedback on the Derpcast!

Got Questions/Responses for the Burpcast?

Thanks so much for listening! 
See you in two weeks for the next blog post! (: