Friday, June 27, 2014

Y1W23 Three Words behind my Drive (plus #MIAF14 Australian Showcase)

Leonie's small blog island says hullo! (:

    Let's go crazy! Journal Time.

    My Three Words: Gosh! How arrogant and pretentious sounding are these three words! Is it? I am definitely one of those people who enjoys being behind the scenes in person while I blog here just so I don't completely disappear into oblivion

    Here I take a little step out of the comfort zone, even if it is just within my safe blog bubble. Perhaps I'm going to be judged for this but I'm sure no one actually cares.

    These are just the three words I believe in and strive to live by. 
    Shall elaborate on this scary "big claim" in my reflection section below.

    Friday, June 20, 2014

    Y1W22 Spooky faces! #PositionVacantShort tomorrow at #MIAF14

    Leonie's small blog island says hullo! (:

    In this post: The Melbourne International Animation Festival 2014 is here! Note that this short film won't be officially and publicly online until early next year 2015.

    I'll probably be quietly overwhelmed but hope to see you there at the Australian Showcase! (:

      Let's go crazy! Journal Time.

      Hey, it's the Position: Vacant Team! Will Higgins, Victor Mahnic, David Tonkin, Tony Nguyen and Derp (aka me)! Kudos also to Tim LeFevre for the extra generous help in sound design and editing. This violet image was done in January but I waited until now to post it here. 
      Finally it's this close! And a festival I can physically attend! I can't say it's the greatest graduate film ever (so keep your expectations neutral if you haven't seen it haha) but my team did an incredible job in seeing this film through to the end - putting in countless outside of class time hours on top and making the best of things under the constraints we had. It was definitely a learning experience!

      I will probably cover my face in horror and embarrassment as I watch the film on an enormous cinema screen but it feels pretty awesome to be part of the festival at all!

      Thanks so much for the kind support and I really hope to keep working on collaborative projects in animation, games or anything visually fun. (:

      I'm more looking forward to the 17 other films; seen my own film too many times!

      Friday, June 13, 2014

      Y1W21 Zeniba and Yubaba; Sides of the Same Coin #Ghibliladiescollab

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      In this post: Where fanart is a sometimes thing for me but brace yourself to a few more to come!

        Let's go crazy! Journal Time.

        Studio Ghibli Ladies: Anyone remember this movie? No? Haha. During the first time I watched Spirited Away, it was a Cantonese dub (I don't understand all the formal words) and so when I saw Zeniba, I thought it was the same lady at first and it confused my little kid brain (ie why is the antagonist helping the main characters?) Their heads are so gloriously huge; had to just focus on the bust. 
        I've always wondered that if they actually battled it out, who would win; it'll probably be a tie. 

        Playing with a terribly harsh cel shaded approach (kind of like some of the older fighting games) and doing this out of fun and the plentiful wrinkles. Young people are fun to draw but changing it up is fun too! 
        I was considering adding a health bar but that's overkill so I opted for the character select context. Sidenote: I do not know Japanese.

        Friday, June 6, 2014

        Y1W20 Leonie's Melbourne Pixar Masterclass 2014 Recap

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        In this post: This week...where do I start? What happened?
        Skip to the appropriate heading by scrolling to near the bottom if you're just here for my Masterclass thoughts.

          Let's go crazy! Journal Time.

          Hello and boo!