Friday, March 22, 2013

Week 9 Another uneventful mX news day

It is yet another week at my little blog island.
Hullo invisible people! I can't actually see you.

I hope this blog post is not as blinding to your poor eye sockets anymore now that I've changed it away from a blatant pure white colour. (Or I'm probably the only one that's noticing this).
Can't explain why I'm tending towards mixtures of teal/deep blues and browns/oranges/beiges on this blog. Originally was sky and muted blues though. 

Since Google Reader's dying in July, I'm trying out the Feedly add-on to my browser as it transfers my feeds from Google Reader. I'm also testing out The Old Reader...once I actually get my feeds there and transferred. I'm a bit annoyed at how I can't immediately add new feeds to feedly though.
If you have better suggestions, let me know!

Let's go crazy! Journal Time!

13th wed
  • Anatomy homework and revision
Did these last week actually but didn't manage to post them on time. My thumbs for the feature building from last week. I was struggling to visualise this as my architectural design knowledge was limited.
14th thur
  • Brand names and text based logo designs for sci-fi advertising  
  • Witnessing a film preparation shoot
  • couldn't do train adventures...due to at least 4 separate "incidents"involving the same person
  • BABA catchup with a section of the forums.
15th fri
  • managed to do some train adventures by applying some strategy
There was a novel reader listening to Pavarotti singing loudly on his ipod; not that I minded. 
  • Designed a futuristic version of mX, a free afternoon magazine while Tonko worked through the amazing holographic effects for the holographic paper effect. (This is for the ongoing short film project in previous posts). The background is a ghastly grey/black because it will be transparent at different extents in the final composite; in other words, the black/grey background will be invisible to give us the holographic effect.
Stuff happens. Cut off the ad at the bottom; shush.
  • Started designing for a corporate clean energy brand and after some noodling of my own, came with this (with the push of Sam Lennox).
  • Pending hypothetical logo. I hope you know what vim as a word means, if not, google it (: Design not quite there yet as it is tacked together.
  • BABA catch up continued
16th sat
  • BABA sailing its oceans continued
  • Played more with the VIM logo then it was too much that my program crashed. Not a perfect logo but I prefer the minimalistic approach of having the wind turbine, the bold letters of the company and a straight to the point tagline there. 
This is sort of assuming that gusty winds will always be there in futuristic Melbourne but I won't question the decision made here and the logo isn't the main point of the short film project.
It must be said that I didn't expect to use my newbie graphic design skills while I noted that there are a lot of logos out there with wind turbines in them. This wasn't the original brand name as the original ideas were too long in character length to fit into the feature building's orb.
Corporate Wind Power organisation.
  •  Also did a very simplistic billboard ad for VIM; just text and the logo. It shouldn't take so much attention from the main action as this billboard will be way back in the background.
17th sun & 18th mon
  • nothing art/creative related; got busy doing other things
  • a bit of BABA reading-- need to get onto "the plan" soon! Rob will scold me!
19th tues
  • Hands & Neck review
  • Delved into learning about body fat


For my Research Assignment, I was considering doing a Facial Anatomy Investigation (dubbed FAI) but now I'm considering developing storytelling/writing skills (dub now STW) as in essence I hope to bring out stories through images. I also need to improve my drawing skills too, especially perspective. There's also professional photography and Zbrush to explore later down the track.

Ultimately I aim to do all of these, I just need to prioritise which one to do that suits as a research blogging assignment and a *not boring* tutorial presentation to my class. Hm. Tending towards the first three mentioned but the storytelling/writing skills topic will probably be the most relevant to film people in general. I will probably hop between the three.

Relatively uneventful worklog this is, I know! But these weekly records are here to push me to work harder the next week! Got a long way to go in terms of skill as a newbie, but I'm going to keep going on the lonesome road (just like how everyone is also on their own roads).

It's also getting colder in Melbourne since the heatwave; oh Melbourne. And then it jumps to another season once you get used things.
To think that Batman was also considered for the name of Melbourne!

Enough from me, I hope you're all going alright in your own journeys!

Thanks for looking! (:
Connecting with me, commenting and/or constructive feedback would be welcomed and appreciated!
Until next time, Leonie aka UUUinfinity aka Triple U infinity