Friday, February 22, 2013

Days 19 to 32 Medieval executions & Assorted Heads

Hullo again, another journal comes around dear reader friend. (:
Welcome to my lonely blog island howonearthdidyougethere. Make yourself comfortable.

I've also changed my domain name to blog.leonieyue.com instead of uuuinfinity.blogspot.com while I have yet to develop any portfolio at my main domain. Still, essentially this blog is my main hub while leonieyue.com is just a side portfolio in development kind of thing.

I'm doing everything via blogspot, because I am tight with money and will try to get away with as little expenses as possible (one day, self hosted wordpress, one day). Still, countless of illustrators & artists use Blogger and other platforms so I'm content with Blogger.

There's nothing there to see at my main domain. I'm serious. I haven't been working on anything that resembles a portfolio lately, as you can see from my adventures below. This is because I am still on the road in improving my skills! Full of learning though & busyness!

Aaaaand again:

Let's go crazy!!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Days 8 to 18 where summer holidays comes to an end

Journaling progress continues, my friend.
I'm calling you friend because you read my posts in my little blog island (:
*cough* excuse my awkward social skills *cough*

I'm starting to like how this journaling is going...too early to say though. I need to be doing this for a few more months before I can really assess how this blogging approach is going. Am aware that it's not as "real time" as people demand everything to be but this is simply journaling things as I go; I'd rather not spam people with posts everyday. Assuming that people are interested, that is.

I feel more positive and that I'm doing & accomplishing things as I look back. Time will tell though.

Let's go crazy!!  

(Quote from the old Marvel vs Capcom PS game)


Friday, February 1, 2013

January Day 1 to 7: journalling approach begins!

Hullo my wonderful friend! Yes I'm talking to you. (:

I have been inspired by this gentleman's journal here [Matej Jan/Retronator as he's also known as] to do a daily journal like thing to record what I draw everyday. He's been updating his deviantart journal everyday from January, he's pretty inspiring! (: