Friday, September 28, 2012

iSomethings eaten by Sleepy Train Riders

Hello friend, another day for posting and this time for it's for sketches!
There's been more posts this month; didn't expect that!

And yes, a late post and not the usual Friday update time.
My computer needed sorting out and I had to add some shading to my sketches below.

"tsk tsk", you may say!

...moving on! The following is another relaxed collection of doodles made over the past two months.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Dragon Guardian Penultimate Model

Hey there! Thanks for following my progress so far! Sorry a bit later than the usual 5pm AEST but exporting the video and all that took a while!

I've "finished" the model for submission/assessment but there are still areas for improvement to be made based on the feedback I received yesterday. Still I've been told it's a good attempt for my first 3D character so that's encouraging! This is the Penultimate Model, not final one.

Okay here goes with the current stage I'm at!

Finished Concept Art: My alternate colour palette

Monday, September 10, 2012

Dragon Guardian Sculpt Turnarounds

A quick post with my sculpted turnarounds to receive timely feedback.
Are there more that needs to be sculpted or too overdone? Let me know!
I'm going to tag all posts to do with developing this character under "dragon guardian".

Only one of the sleeves and hair loops are sculpted as I have transferred them over via normals (as forgot that mirrored duplication is not in Mudbox).

Friday, September 7, 2012

Dragon Guardian Character Development Part 1

Hello five of my readers! (:
Currently I'm doing a character development project to model it to 3D form while learning about 3D techniques. This is my character, the Water Dragon Guardian. 
She is my first 3D character I've ever done and constructive feedback is appreciated!

I'm just going to post my progress....and I'm actually stressing out now. It's due the coming week! 
It's been 4 weeks already so far we've been working on this.

Despite impending doom of the deadline, I realise the importance in posting progress shots as I go so I won't forget about it and in order for feedback to be useful...so here I go!