Sunday, September 25, 2011

Quotes: Motivation, Friends, Life & Critics and Google+

No matter
All to None

That's pretty much all the quotes for now! 
You all know that all my Main Art updates are here at my Official Blogger. And I welcome constructive feedback you may have. Well, here's a notice that Status updates & Public Online Socialising would be found at my Twitter/ Facebook Page/ Google+
Yes, last week, I couldn't help but break my half-baked internet hiatus for a moment to join Google+ out of curiosity:  
Feel free to add me! 
I've also started a few weeks ago a new tumblr but it's supposed to be NSFW [Not Safe For Work] that explores Mature themes/human anatomy practice with nudity. This is all new territory for me as I am so "safe and content" in my Family-friendly drawings but in order to draw people more convincingly, I think I need to step up to the next level, understand what makes us human and how to depict it. 
I haven't drawn anything for it though and I don't know if I'm going to actually commit to it. We shall see.
Now I shall go back lurking silently away from using the internet too much haha