Saturday, June 4, 2011

Brainstorming origins of my UUUinfinity Logo

My brainstorming efforts in creating a logo took a while as posted here--I needed to do something that represents the three letter Us and the infinity parts of my name.

I then finally ended up with the logo I use as my avatar around the place now. I am currently in the process of making a vector version--only have the texta and pixel art versions out at the moment.

I only intended to make the logo as simple as possible and managed to make a face out of the three Us. Not intended to appear smug/arrogant but really a more relaxed, content with one self, dreaming/sleeping, brimming with smiles kind of mood was intended. (:

Final versions so far here.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Tumblr doodles: Thumbelina for cgHub's Fairytales Re-imagined contest

I'm posting designs and practice sketches to my art tumblr gallery every two days. This is for a competition on re-imagining a fairytale of your choice.

I've chosen Thumbelina. I twisted the story somewhat!

To see my doodling updates, keep checking my "Thumbelina" tagged posts as they come in the upcoming months.  Just wanted to show my progress over there.

I will post finished/completed versions here though! Just wanted to have a go at the competition--I know I am far from being one of the "professionals" but I'll get there someday.


I plan to use this blogspot to post updates on what I do art related in the online world--from cghub, tumblr, deviantart, conceptart, and whatnot. So subscribe to my RSS feed already! (: